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Proteng ENGINE

A revolutionary automatic gas extinguishing system is intended for the protection of enclosed engine compartments of machinery, automobiles and other motor vehicles.

Every day several vehicles burn out on our roads. These fires are not only caused by accidents, but are often due to the poor technical condition of the vehicles. From the moment a fire breaks out, the vehicle's driver is in immediate danger. Sometimes, people cannot find the manual fire extinguisher quickly, and in many cases they do not how to operate it. Opening the engine compartment can even stimulate the fire more. Simply installing the Proteng ENGINE in the engine compartment will avert such situations. 

The entire working principle is based on an 18 mm diameter polyamide hose that is 210 cm in length and is filled under pressure with the effective extinguishing agent FM-200, which is called Heptafluoropropane. At a normal temperature there is a constant 5 bar pressure. There is 500 g of the extinguishing agent in the hose. When the hose is heated during a fire, the pressure rises to 15 bar at a temperature of 100 °C. The system activates at 120 °C. The polyamide hose wall section that has become soft will burst exactly at the point with the highest thermal load, which will then release the extinguishing gas into the engine compartment. The gas reliably and effectively extinguishes the fire at its source. There is no damage to electrical components during extinguishing. The whole system is fully automatic, requires no control and activates immediately if a fire starts. This system protects you personally and your property 24/7.

The suitability for purpose of this installation is shown by the fact that our Proteng ENGINE system is fitted to public transport equipment (e.g. DPM, Bratislava – DPM, Budapest – Solaris, Poland), is used by the NATO alliance, and  in places where there is the highest level of  emphasis on safety.

The advantages of the Proteng ENGINE system

  • An unbelievably simple principle
  • Outstanding simplicity and flexibility of installation
  • Fires are reliably and effectively extinguished at their source
  • Self-activating, without need for any operation
  • No side effects
  • The chemical composition ensures that there is no threat to health
  • After activation, extinguishing the fire and evaporation, electrical components are undamaged and there are no traces of the extinguishing agent, which is not the case with powder extinguishers
  • Not harmful to people or animals
  • The system requires no periodic maintenance or inspections 


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